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Collectively, consumers returned products worth $428 billion in 2020 just over 10% of total retail sales. The National Retail Federation estimates the cost of returns amounts to $101 billion.

increase the delivery reates.

teach our nation that there’re actual real-life consequences if you fake/lie/abuse/misuse anything online.

Flagging risky orders & fraudulent users in real-time Increased delivery rates to 95% from the 1st week

Returns results and effects:

  • Damage caused to Fragile items.
  • Items lost or stuck in transit.
  • High prices due to bearing the burden of returns.

the Plague of Ecommerce

The Plague of Ecommerce Return Rates and How to Maintain Profitability E-commerce returns can be a disease-aggressively attacking profit margins, gutting conversion rates, and ultimately threatening your business.